Useful Tricks Around the House

How to use honey for cooking?

Before you pour honey into a glass or a measuring spoon, drip just a bit of cooking oil, so that the honey will slide out that much easier.

How to remove stubborn rubber gloves?

Remove annoyingly sticky rubber gloves by placing your gloved hands under a cold water faucet for a few seconds, your hands will easily slide out.

How to wipe down a glass window?

Wipe the inner side of the window horizontally and the outer side vertically, so if there is a stain in the end of the cleaning, you'll know what side it's on.

How to remove scratches from a glass container?

Rub the glass container with a cloth that has toothpaste on it to remove small scratches.

How to fix a problematic zipper?

Try to rub a pencil on the teeth of the stuck zipper. The lead will grease the teeth and allow the zipper to open and close more easily.

How to prevent steam from clouding your mirror?

Use shaving cream and a hand towel to rub the bathroom mirror, and it will not fog.

How to get all the juice out of citrus fruits?

To enjoy a great amount of lemon or orange juice, roll the citrus fruit on the counter a few times, back and forth, before cutting and squeezing it.

How to get pillows back to their original fluffines?

Renew old pillows by putting them in a dryer on low levels for 10 minutes, and they'll be as new.

How do you get wax off candlesticks?

To remove wax off candlesticks, put them in the freezer for 20 minutes, and the wax will come right off.

How to remove the smell of garlic from your hands?

To get rid of this strong and persistent odour, rub your hands on a stainless steel surface, such as your kitchen faucet.

How to deal with a leaky faucet?

To stop a leaky faucet that is driving you crazy, tie a string of linen around it, so the string hangs underneath the opening. This will buy you precious quiet time until you find enough of it to fix that annoying faucet.

How to get rid of stinky shoe odour?

Spread some baking soda in reeking shoes, leave it in for one day, and you will be rid of the smell.

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