Cutest Fatty Pigmy Hippo

Olivia, a rare pygmy hippo was born last month at the Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, Sweden. She weighed 13 pounds and is expected to only grow to one-fifth the size of a regular hippopotamus. Parken zoologist Jennie West Anderson describes Olivia as “the cutest fatty you can imagine.”

The pygmy hippo is an endangered species that lives in the western parts of Africa. The World Conservation Union estimates that there are less than 3000 wild pygmy hippos. Efforts to breed them in captivity are being made through an international breeding program that finds mates for these solitary creatures.

Olivia gets a loving nudge from mother Krakunia.

The one-month-old pygmy hippo has been nicknamed the ‘Michelin Man’ because of all of her fat rolls.

Baby Olivia cuddles up to her momma.

Isn’t Olivia adorable?


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