These Gorgeous Horses Have Better Hair than You


Friesians are amazing horses. It's little wonder that Martha Stewart owns them.

This is a mixed Friesian and Dutch Warmblood, a heritage that gives it unique coloring.

Gypsy Vanner

A breed known for long, flowing hair and feathered feet.


An extremely beautiful breed of Spanish horses.

Icelandic Horse

The only horse bred in Iceland, as no horses are allowed in the country. If one leaves, it may never return.

Shetland Pony

These are some of the smallest ponies in the world, but are surprisingly strong and can still be used for riding.


With feathering on their feet and their locks, these are another proud breed.


Appaloosas are proof that it's not all about the mane, and their beautiful spotted coats are what made this breed famous.

Rocky Mountain horses

A funny name, as this breed actually originated in Kentucky.


The tallest horse breed, these are optimal work horses, big and strong.

Norwegian Fjords

These horses are easy to recognize, as they have a dark strip of hair going down the middle of their mane.


A small horse breed that hails from Austria and is barely bigger than a pony.

Paso Finos

Their name means 'fine step', and this breed is well known for the smoothness of its gait.

Kiger Mustangs

Descended from Spanish horses, this breed of mustang is found in Oregon.

Morgan Horses

One of the oldest breeds on the American continent.


Arabian horses are known for their beauty and uniqueness of head shapes.

A little braiding never hurt anyone's style.

Don't worry little one, you'll have flowing locks soon enough.

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